Sunday, March 7, 2010

Goodbye KDE

Normally, I'm really against ranting, but this one time, I really have to make an exception. It's a topic you've probably heard just about enough on these last, say, two years. It's the rotten way the KDE developers just haughtily decided to abandon the 3.x line in favour of their shiny new 4.x version, thus just forcing anyone who wanted to continue using KDE to go along. I just HAPPEN to know a few companies who do it exactly that way, and I'm NOT fond of any of them. If I were prepared to accept that kind of exclusivistic behavior, I'd be running the OS with the four colors. And besides, who needs that kind of spit and polish anyways? Since when have Linux users cared a hoot about whether or not the big Double-U was shinier, blingier, glassier than their own humble X? What are we, Idiots with an inferiority complex towards the commercial OSes and penis envy? Well, guys, unlike the poor devils who have to use those commercial cardinal-sins-of-vanity out there, I have a choice. In fact, I just happen to have a bundle of choices, each with their own charm and features. So you just go on playing your little power games and catering your inferiority complex, but without me if you please. To me, it is goodbye KDE, welcome bigger and more interesting world. Not that I don't shed the odd tear, KDE sure does have accumulated a set of great tools over the years. It just so happens that replacements for those tools do exist, and I just have to make up my mind to find them and get used to them. And for those I can't yet replace, it's not like they won't run fine on gnome with some trying and tweaking. So: Goodbye and thanks for all the fish.

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